Trash Survey Results


In February, Greenwood UD sent its first quarterly newsletter that contained a survey in regards to the district’s trash collection provider, OFS Sanitation. The results of the survey were discussed at the March monthly meeting, and the board is happy to share the results below.

The general findings of the survey are as follows:

  • Residents are most concerned about the cost of services (32%) quickly followed by their own comments which include treatment of personal property (trash cans), timeliness, truck maintenance and heavy trash.
  • A majority contend that OFS does not provide a good value for the cost (39%) while 32% of those agree that they do.
  • Its reported that that the residents are satisfied with the collection days being Wednesday and Saturday (71%).
  • Everyone is either extremely satisfied (25%), satisfied (61%) or has no opinion (14%) on the number of days the trash is collected.
  • 61% of all those who answered the survey agree that OFS regularly picks up their trash at scheduled times (7 AM – 7 PM) while 28% disagree.
  • When asked if residents feel the OFS vehicles are kept in good repair and sanitary conditions a majority had no opinion (41%) followed by those who disagree with the statement (32%). 25% do agree with the statement.
  • With an almost even split between no opinion (36%), disagree (36%) and agree (29%), there is no strong opinion on whether OFS trucks have clear identification and a phone number visible.
  • Most people disagree (47%) that OFS picks up trash within 24 hours if there is a delay due to inclement weather or other unforeseen issue.
  • Almost half of respondents (47%) do agree that they are satisfied with overall services conducted by OFS.
  • Three quarters (75%) of respondents are interested in recycling services. To answer asked by several respondents the current proposal by OFS would not include a bin.
  • 82% of respondents are interested in adding a 96 gallon trash bin to their service which would result in a higher fee. It was noted that several respondents thought this would be for recycling, so that is taken into consideration.

Along with the survey, residents were able to add comments which resulted in several common themes. Of concern are collection days, heavy trash pick up, trash can handling, recycling, inconsistent pick up times, trash being left behind, cost of services, and truck maintenance/leaking.

Upon review of the results of the survey and in consideration of all comments from the residents the board decided to request bids from trash companies to investigate how the resident’s services can be best met. This is not a final decision to move services.

Have questions or concerns about trash collection?

Visit the trash faq or contact Greenwood UD with your concerns. Public comments are taken at the beginning of each monthly meeting held on the third Wednesday at 6:30PM. Check out the schedule if you prefer to make your comments to the board in person.