The District was created as a water control and improvement district by Acts of the 61st Legislature of the State of Texas, Regular Session, 1969, codified as Article 8280-452, Texas Revised Civil Statutes, effective June 11, 1969. On May 14, 1979, by order of the Texas Water Commission, predecessor to the TCEQ, the District was converted to a municipal utility district, vested with all of the rights, privileges, authority, and functions conferred by the general laws of the State applicable to municipal utility districts, including without limitation those conferred by Chapters 49 and 54, Texas Water Code, as amended. The District is empowered to purchase, construct, operate, acquire, own, and maintain all water and wastewater facilities, improvements and the control and diversion of storm water. The District is additionally empowered to establish, operate and maintain a fire department, independently or with one or more other conservation and reclamation districts, and to issue bonds for such purposes, after approval by the City of Houston and the TCEQ and the District’s voters of the District’s plans in such regard. The District is subject to the continuing supervisory jurisdiction of the TCEQ.

The District is being developed primarily as a single-family residential subdivision. As of September 2017, the District served 1,866 single-family homes, 220 homes under construction, 2 multi-family units, 14 commercial and 50 other accounts. Current building activity is taking place in Hidden Meadow, Sections 7, 8, 13 and 15; in Bavaria, Section 1 through 6; and in Evergreen Villas, Sections 1 through 3.

District Map

Elections – Directors

The next election for the District will be held on May 3, 2025.

The location(s) of the polling places at which the election shall be conducted will be posted upon determination.

Elections – Documents