Greenwood UD Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 10

We hope you and your family are safe after the recent storms in Houston. We’re pleased to report that the district didn’t experience problems with water or wastewater services during that time.

If there’s an outage in the future, the latest updates will be on the Greenwood UD website. We’ll also send information through email and/or text alerts. By receiving this email, you’re already signed up for emergency email alerts. To add an additional email address, you can sign up by visiting our website. To receive text alerts, sign up by texting “greenwood” to (281) 699-2421.

Have a wonderful summer!

Greenwood Board of Directors

Drought Level Definitions & Tips

Houston, like many regions, is not immune to

the challenges posed by drought. As water levels dwindle and conservation becomes paramount, residents play a crucial role in preserving this precious resource.

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Hurricane Preparedness

On Thursday, May 23rd, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued its outlook for the 2024 hurricane season. They predict an above-normal hurricane season due to warm ocean temperatures and the development of La Niña conditions.

Stay prepared this hurricane season with these essential tips. Read More

Hot Water Troubleshooting

Whether you’re experiencing a sudden loss of hot water or suspect a problem with your system, understanding how to troubleshoot and resolve these issues is essential for maintaining comfort in your home.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you address hot water problems effectively.