Preparing Pipes For Freezing Weather

National Weather Service Issues Hard Freeze Watch

The National Weather Service has advised that subfreezing temperatures are likely beginning today and into Wednesday morning following the passage of a strong cold front. Freeze Warnings and possible Hard Freeze Warnings can be expected.

Follow the Houston/Galveston National Weather Service for information and forecast updates.

How to Prepare Your Pipes For a Severe Winter Weather Event

According to Texas A&M AgriLife, water pipes have the potential to freeze when the outside temperature is 20°F or below. The most vulnerable pipes include outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool lines, sprinkler systems, and pipes in areas without heat such as garages, crawl spaces, and attics. If you haven’t already done so you can prepare your pipes with these tips:

  • Drain pool supply lines and sprinkler systems.
  • Remove outdoor hoses and cover with insulated covers if possible.
  • Keep your garage door closed if you have supply lines or a water heater located inside.
  • Open cabinet doors under kitchen and bathroom sinks to circulate warm air to the pipes
  • Keep your thermostat set no lower than 55°F both day and night. If you are planning to travel, keep your heat turned on.

See the infographic below for additional information on how to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe, or visit the Red Cross website.

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