Tips to Conserve Water in the Summer

Beat the summer heat and save water with our top water conservation tips. Learn how to reduce your water usage and potentially save on your water bill.

Summer in Houston means fun in the sun and the pool, but that could mean a higher water bill is in store. With the scorching heat of Houston’s summer months, water conservation is essential for the planet and your wallet. Preserve this precious resource and potentially save money on your water bill by following these four practical tips during the summer and throughout the year.

Tip 1: Water Your Lawn Wisely

During summer, lawns often require additional watering due to the hot weather. However, watering your lawn wisely is crucial to avoid wasting water. One effective way to conserve water is to water your lawn during the cooler parts of the day, such as the early morning, when the evaporation rate is lower. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day when water can quickly evaporate before it reaches the roots of your plants. Also, consider using a rain gauge to measure how much water your lawn needs and adjust your watering schedule accordingly to avoid overwatering.

Tip 2: Use a Pool Cover

If you have a swimming pool, using a pool cover is a simple yet effective way to conserve water. Evaporation is a significant factor in water loss from swimming pools, especially during hot summer days. When using a pool cover, you can reduce water evaporation by up to 95%, preventing the frequent need to add extra water. Not only does this help conserve water, but it also reduces the time and money spent on pool maintenance.

Tip 3: Wash Cars Sensibly

Washing cars at home with a hose can use a significant amount of water. Instead, consider washing your car at a professional car wash that recycles water. Most car washes have water-efficient systems that recycle and reuse water, reducing water consumption. If you prefer to wash your car at home, use a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, and use the hose only for rinsing. Another method is to utilize a nozzle to control the flow when needed. These methods can help conserve significant water compared to leaving the hose running while washing the car.

Tip 4: Use a Broom to Clear Debris

When it comes to outdoor cleaning tasks, such as clearing debris from your driveway, patio, gutters, or sidewalks, use a broom instead of water. Using a hose to clean outdoor spaces can lead to unnecessary water wastage. Sweeping with a broom is a water-efficient and effective way to clean outdoor areas without using water.

Join Us In Safeguarding Water Quality and Reducing Waste

Aside from the conservation tips above, leaks represent the primary cause of water waste. Be sure to check your toilets, sinks and other sources of water for leaks. Greenwood Utility District takes leaks seriously and wants to repair damaged public infrastructure immediately to ensure safe drinking water is available to its residents and to mitigate any water waste. If you notice any leaking fire hydrants, pipes, or other public facilities, please report them promptly to (281) 290-6500.