COVID-19 Information and Updates from OFS Solid Waste Services, Inc.

Protecting the well-being of our employees, customers, and community has and will always be our top priority. Our team understands the concern and uncertainty caused by coronavirus (COVID-19). We’re here to help. While this situation hasn’t been easy on anyone, we remain committed to fulfilling our promise of serving you.

OFS Solid Waste will continue provide services for all of our communities, municipalities, and individual customers. OFS is asking the public to please limit your garbage disposal to household trash only at this time, hold your bulky items: mattresses, couches, etc., so that we can ensure that our customers stay safe and solid waste free during this trying time. We can continue our full services after we all have safely made it through this time.

Our service guidelines will be as follow:

  • Your garbage service WILL continue.
  • Heavy pick-up (large bulky items) will be on hold until further notice.
  • Our offices will not be open for in person payments, we encourage everyone to utilize our online payment system or make payments via credit card over the phone and we do have a 24 hour drop box for payment (no cash please).
  • Our after-hours number will be available for all urgent questions and concerns – 832-250-9963.

If you have a need we are here to listen, you can submit questions online and someone will email you back as quickly as we can. Please provide us with an account number, service address, and a contact number, to better serve you.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued business and we pray that everyone takes the needed precautions and stays safe.

Coronavirus: Toilet Paper Panic Trickle-Down Effect

With toilet paper in short supply due to the panic buying in response to COVID-19, some researchers warn there’s a risk that toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, napkins and thicker paper towels may lead to another major “monster” waste issue. Since supermarket shelves are wiped bare of toilet paper, and napkin aisles fast emptying as well, water infrastructure experts fear that the use of toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, napkins and thicker paper could lead to major blockages in our sewage systems.

The wastewater treatment plant operator has seen a recent massive surge in non-flushables entering the plant from residents. These products can create blockages of fat, sanitary items, and wet wipes that block pipes and pumps and cause an added expense to remove, including sewer back-ups at your home.

Please do your part to protect our sewer pipes – do not flush wipes, napkins, or paper towels; properly disposing of them by throwing them in the trash.

Our Water is Safe

Friday, February 28, 2020; 9am: No Boil Water Notices are in effect for Greenwood Utility District (the District).

The District’s water meets all Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) rules and regulations and was not affected by the City of Houston water main break.